About Us


Planning a luxury experience?
Famba Famba is inspired by creating unique experiences through exclusive tour design. In fact, to Famba Famba means to “go on a trip” in Tsonga. 

If you’re looking for vast horizons with molten sunsets, regal comfort to ease weary bones or culturally-rich snapshots; Famba Famba partners closely with you, our guest, to exceed your needs. We design exclusive and personalised experiences for small to mid-size groups looking for a thoroughly unique getaway.

We understand each guest is discerning in their requirements, except for one thing – a relentless pursuit of excellence. Famba Famba has a wealth of experience in executing trips at this standard and we truly look forward to accompanying you on your personalised South African getaway. Contact bookings today and let’s get started.




Valentino Meirotti
Founder and director of Famba Famba

Valentino’s passion for showcasing the beauty of this continent and his knowledge of African politics combined with his love of hospitality primed Famba Famba for the award-winning success it has today. Valentino arranges trips allowing our discerning guests to truly relax and enjoy their holiday, or if they’re here to work, immerse themselves in their business, knowing that the details of the trip are taken care of. This attention to detail and diverse knowledge of Southern Africa are some of the reasons why Valentino has been recognized by the Lilizela Tourism Awards, winning best cultural guide in Gauteng Province and South Africa (2018) and why Famba Famba has so many return visitors.
His warm and open nature is why a lot of clients leave feeling like they have made a friend and experienced a more personal side of the continent. With both European and African roots, Valentino can speak fluent Italian and is a qualified advanced driving instructor. Some of his most memorable moments have been watching his clients spot the magic of a leopard or an elephant for the first time in the beauty of the bush – creating many ‘unforgettable moments’ for people from all over the world.


Melanie Meirotti
Business Development Manager

Melanie has a background in African politics and development, working for small businesses and non-governmental organisations for over a decade. Throughout her career, she has travelled extensively in Africa and Europe and has successfully planned and organized events from small business meetings to large conferences and cocktail events in several countries. Knowing from firsthand experience how necessary and rewarding business travel can be, she is well-placed to advise on the optimal event and travel options for individuals or businesses. She believes the key to executing a seamless event is understanding the context and anticipating a client’s needs and delivering above what is requested. It is definitely not all work and no play – Melanie believes strongly in self-care, particularly for individuals who are constantly on the move. She works closely with the Famba-famba team to develop wellness travel options that can be tailored into business travel itineraries. Wellness travel means different things to different people. Understanding that some clients unwind through adventure – canoeing in the Tsitsikamma National Park or Hiking up Table Mountain – others need a hot-rock massage with a view over an untouched bush landscape or sipping on a sumptuous glass of Cape wine surrounded by vineyards.




Maggie Bester
Freelance Culture and Nature Guide

As a traveller and explorer, Maggie knows how exciting it is to visit a new place you’ve been dreaming about and fits into Famba Famba’s ethos of pairing slick professionalism with enthusiasm for meeting new people and showcasing the magic of Southern Africa while catering to her guest’s needs. Having worked at various Game Reserves and beach resorts in and around South Africa, as well as conducting tours all over Southern Africa, she’s gained much experience and knowledge and can’t wait to share in guest’s experiences of the cultures, history, landscapes and nature in Southern Africa. None of her days in the ‘office’ are ever the same. Even when visiting the same places over and over, it’s always different and something you never get tired of. She loves that she can be a part of someone’s dreams coming true, and loves seeing the look of amazement on guest’s faces when they experience things that they either didn’t expect or have been dreaming about for years! South Africa has so much to offer, and once you’ve had a taste of it, you’ll want to come back for more. Famba Famba is definitely the way to go!